We Sell The Highest Quality Corn & Soybean Seed Specifically Chosen For Each Field You Plant.

We provide you the tools needed to be confident at planting time, produce maximum yields and reduce anxiety.
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What We Offer


Maximized Yields

We are committed to helping farmers make the most of their farm’s harvest. We do all we can to maximize each farms potential, allowing farmers to hit each field’s yield potential.


The Highest Quality

Making wise choices in your annual seed purchase is vital to the success of your farm. We combine industry leading genetic platforms with the highest quality seed and then fit each individual hybrid to match your fields so you can be confident that your planting the best hybrid with the highest quality on each farm.

Proven Experience

Our team of Farm-Fit Planning Specialists work to assist you in your seed choice, crop placement, and they provide ongoing support to take away the anxiety associated with having to make timely in season management decisions alone.

Customer Agreement

Our agreement to you the customer. Beyond exceptional corn and soybean seed, we are committed to service and support of everything we sell and commit never to leave you on your own to navigate your seed planting decisions.

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We will create a plan tailored specifically to your farms.

“Big Cob Experts Will Craft a Farm Fit Plan Just For You”. Our team joins you in analyzing your farm and guides you to the best possible crop selection and placement.

You will receive a planting plan for each farm.

We will deliver your seed labeled specifically for each farm, plant according to plan and be confident that our crop planning specialists are with you all the way through harvesting your best crop ever.

What Our
Customers Say

“Big Cob Hybrids not only helps their growers succeed, they want them to succeed. Their wide range of genetics and traits, field assessments, and customer service before, during and after the growing season is unmatched. Big Cob Hybrids is certainly a farmer first seed company…”

Kirt Lukasiewicz

Farwell, NE

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Who’s Big Cob?

BigCob understands that seed selection and crop planning isn’t easy. We provide world-class seed and proven, experienced crop planning guidance so farmers everywhere can live with the confidence that they’ve made wise decisions.

We exist to guide farmers towards maximized yields and reduced stresses of uncertainty at planting time

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HowTo Out Yield Your Neighbor

HowTo Out Yield Your Neighbor

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