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3 Ways Big Cob Makes Farming Easier

Step 1 – The Farm-Fit Plan



Big Cob Hybrids realizes that you are a busy farmer,
therefore it is our goal to make farming easier for you by putting together a
plan that is designed to maximize your yield potential while reducing your
anxiety at planting time.  We work to
help you identify the hybrids that best fit your farming operation and then put
together a field-by-field plan – something we like to call a Farm-Fit Plan
that is quick and efficient to implement.




To begin the Farm-Fit Planning process, you will work
directly with one of our Farm-Fit Planning Specialists to discuss the way you
farm. Your specialist will ask about your soil types, rotation practices, and
maturity desired, as well as any special considerations that need to be
addressed. Once we have all the information required, we analyze the data and identify
the hybrids that best fit your farming operation. These recommendations are
included in your customized Farm-Fit Plan. Our meticulous attention to detail will
give you peace-of-mind knowing that the plan was designed specifically for the
way you farm, with the correct hybrids selected and placed in each field you




Step 2 – EZ Plant System



Big Cob Hybrids’ E-Z Plant System goes hand-in-hand with the
Farm-Fit Planning process. This technology allows you to have peace of mind
that the hybrid placement from the planning process will be reflected in the
packaging of your seed. After the seed is placed in the box or into the bags on
the palate, it will be labeled with the specific field or farm name, product
name, unit weight, and number of units that are to be planted for that field.
This ensures that when planting season arrives and you go to grab seed for a
specific field, you know that it will be right seed and on the right acres each
and every time.




Step 3 – F.R.E.E. to Farm Delivery



Our absolutely FREE delivery service is guaranteed Fast,
Right, Easy and Efficient every time. Big Cob Hybrids’ F.R.E.E to Farm delivery
service is unbeatable. Don’t mess around waiting on deliveries or driving to
your local dealer to pick up seed. You farm, we deliver; it’s that simple.




Get Started TODAY!



In addition to these 3 tools that will make farming easier, Big Cob Hybrids sells the highest quality corn and soybean seed specifically chosen for each field you plant. We provide our growers with what they need to be confident at planting time, produce maximum yields and reduce anxiety.




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