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BCH becomes 2021 Syngenta Seedcare Certified Site

Big Cob Hybrids, a top provider of world-class corn and soybean seed based out of Seward, Nebraska, recently became one of only 44 top tier seed dealers across the entire United States to be inducted as a 2021 Syngenta Seedcare Certified Site. As a Syngenta Seedcare Certified Site, Big Cob Hybrids’ is able to further enhance its value proposition to growers that purchase top-notch seed treatment, assuring that it has been applied properly with accurate dosing and consistent coverage.

“Preserving the genetic potential of each seed starts with a quality seed treatment process that is both accurate and predictable down to every last seed,” said Ben Benson, who serves as CEO at Big Cob Hybrids. “As a Syngenta Seedcare Certified Site, Big Cob is able to provide our growers with confidence in the proper application of seed treatment products, while ensuring predictable protection of their seed purchase.”

According to The Seedcare Institute™, normal environmental factors can affect the accuracy of a seed treatment that is applied to each individual seed by plus or minus 30 percent. Seed size by itself can affect the accuracy of individual seed rates by over 40 percent. Therefore, accuracy and consistency are just as vital to Big Cob Hybrids during treatment application, whether treating seeds in the cooler morning or warmer afternoon hours, as the final treated product is to the grower. “You can’t afford to have treatment accuracy way out of whack,” said Benson. “If you underapply and the seed treatment doesn’t work, you’ve lost a customer for life.”

Big Cob Hybrids was selected as a Certified Site based on two critical criteria. First, treated seed samples were submitted by Big Cob Hybrids to Syngenta for accuracy testing. Big Cob Hybrids staff also participated in training programs designed to ensure the treatment process is being implemented is accurate, efficient, and performance based. Big Cob achieved a 90-plus percent accuracy rating based on these criteria in 2020 and plans to further enhance company standards for the 2022 planting season.

“Growers make large investments in seed genetics, plus they’re planting much earlier to maximize yield potential,” said Benson. “The first three to four weeks are the most critical for seedlings. Seed treatments help them get off to a good start, even in cold, wet conditions. Our goal is to help growers protect their seed investment and get their crops off to the healthiest start possible.”

Big Cob Hybrids has been selling its proprietary SoyRoids™ seed treatment blends since 2015. SoyRoids™ contains an insecticide, multiple fungicides with spiked rates, inoculant, and a growth promoter within the SoyRoids Platinum Plus package.

Established in 2009, Big Cob Hybrids is an independent, family-owned regional seed company committed to selling exceptional corn and soybean seed specifically chosen for each field a grower plants, as well as proven, experienced crop planning guidance based on each individual grower’s management practices and field conditions.

For more information about Big Cob Hybrids’ mission to provide the highest quality seed available and guide farmers towards maximum yields and reduced anxiety at planting time, visit www.bigcob.com or call (402) 641-5014.



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