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Big Cob Hybrids Launches Online Seed Store

By Patty Lavelle, Business Development Lead at Big Cob Hybrids

Big Cob Hybrids is excited to announce the launch of shop.bigcob.com – a new online seed store that is the first of its kind in the seed business. The new site gives farmers access to the same high-quality corn and soybean seed products offered through the Big Cob Hybrids’ brand, but with the ability to purchase seed when and where they want – whether that is from the comfort of home, or in the field.

“Today’s tech-savvy farmer is looking for options to make their corn and soybean seed purchasing experience fast and easy – and making those decisions directly from their computer or smart device is a big bonus.” 

Ben Benson

CEO, Big Cob Hybrids

Shop.bigcob.com is a tool that provides growers the ability to compare and purchase seed products as well as chat live with a trained seed placement expert. In just a few clicks, growers can also request a field-by-field planting plan customized for each field and farm they plant. Immediately upon receiving the request, the Big Cob Hybrids’ team of seed experts review, research, and then build a free, no obligation planting plan that is emailed to the grower within 24 hours. Growers can then complete their seed purchase easily online.

Established in 2009,Big Cob Hybrids is an independent, family-owned regional seed company committed to selling exceptional corn and soybean seed specifically chosen for each field a grower plants, as well as proven, experienced crop planning guidance based on each individual grower’s management practices and field conditions.  Additionally, Big Cob’s proprietary Farm-Fit Planning process helps growers to be confident that they have made wise planting decisions by placing the right seed on the right acres.

“We value the strong personal relationships we have with our growers and will continue to work with them on a one-on-one basis – both in person and over-the-phone,” said Benson. “But our new online store gives growers another innovative tool to make quick, confident planting decisions.”

To learn more about Big Cob Hybrids’ field-by-field planning process, and to have a seed specialist create your customized Farm-Fit Plan FREE of charge, email sales@bigcob.com or call (402) 803-1785. Shop Big Cob Hybrids’ seed products online at shop.bigcob.com.



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