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Increase Profitability During Planting Season

By Ben Benson, President/CEO of Big Cob Hybrids

It is easy to overlook what you can do on your operation to increase your yield per acre without spending an extra dollar on inputs. If you are reading this, you may have already taken the first step in maximizing your operations profitability because you’ve made the decision to plant Big Cob Hybrids corn and soybeans. It is one thing to have the highest quality seed in the industry, and it is another thing to plant it in a way that maximizes all of your other farm inputs.

Here is what you can be doing during planting to increase your profits for the 2020 growing season without spending an extra dollar:

  • Check with your Big Cob Hybrids’ representative to make sure that each hybrid or variety is lined up for the correct acres. Many times, farmers want to rush through planting season to get it over with. It is much more important to place the right hybrids in the right fields. 75% of all hybrids never yield to their full potential because they are planted in the wrong fields. Don’t let that be you!
  • Plant into good soil conditions. The idea here is to plant when conditions give every kernel the best opportunity to produce a full ear. Pay attention to soil conditions and not the calendar when determining what fields to plant and when to plant them.
  • Slow Your Roll. Run your planter at the appropriate speed. Every planter has a sweet spot. It is important when operating your planter to run slow and maximize your seed investment by giving every seed proper depth, spacing, and uniformity. The goal here is to get every plant to emerge within 12 hours of each other in order to minimize runt plants that become weeds during the growing season.

We hope this gets you thinking about more ways to increase your profitability for the 2020 season. For more information, contact Big Cob at 402.641.5014 or email sales@bigcob.com.



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