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Jason Ladman Joins Big Cob Hybrids as Director of Sales

Jason Ladman is the newest addition to the Big Cob Hybrids’ family. Jason has 22 years of experience working with farmers on many different levels. For the past 11 years, Jason served as an account manager for Water Street Solutions, whose main focus was empowering farmers to look at their operations as more than a production center, but rather as an entire business. Jason assisted farm operations by working closely with a team of highly specialized individuals that examined balance sheets, cash flows, crop insurance and marketing strategies. The purpose of these examinations was to pull each of these pieces together to ensure that the farm was operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency. His greatest fulfillment in this role was being able to work with producers that wanted to improve their operation despite their situation. Success for each operation varied, but watching a farms financial position strengthen while developing a strong relationship with each grower is what fulfilled Jason the most. Prior to Water Street Solutions, Jason worked for a large cooperative system based out of York, NE. He spent nearly 10 years working in various capacities ranging from agronomy location manager to seed division lead. While serving in the area of seed lead, he was able to grow the seed business to nearly $4 million in gross sales while overseeing three main warehouses and eight full-time sales specialists. When he served in this capacity, he worked directly with several key accounts and assisted them with cropping solutions that paired seed, chemical and fertility recommendations to maximize both input and yield potential based on the capacity of each individual acre.
“I am truly excited to be working for another family owned and operated business with ties to Nebraska. I have known Ben for nearly five years, and his business mindset and strong faith are what attracted me to the Big Cob family. In a very competitive industry, Big Cob Hybrids continues to grow which says a great deal about the mindset of this organization. It also suggests that today’s farmer is tired of all the games that are constantly played surrounding seed purchasing. I look forward to serving the ever evolving farm operation and Big Cob Hybrids as the new Director of Sales”   – Jason Ladman
Jason is a 1996 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He majored in Agri-Business with an emphasis in agronomy. He and his wife, Heather, have three children and live outside of Malcolm, NE.


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