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Plant Breeder Turned Farmer & Vice Versa!

Have you ever wondered what a plant breeder looks for in a corn/maize hybrid that a farmer may not? In this 2-video series, Big Cob Hybrids’ product & research expert Dr. David Benson answers this common question.

Dr. Benson discusses what a plant breeder sees & thinks of the ultimate corn/maize hybrid & what they have learned that also helps farmers improve their net farm income.

We are excited to start sharing Dr. Dave’s 40+ years of plant breeding & research knowledge with our growers. Stay tuned… more videos from Dr. Dave to come!

For more information about Big Cob Hybrids’ mission to provide the highest quality seed available and guide farmers towards maximum yields and reduced anxiety at planting time, visit www.bigcob.com or call (402) 641-5014.



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