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Referral Rewards Program

Like Big Cob Hybrids’ high-quality seed and service?

Do you know other growers who might be interested in planting Big Cob Hybrids? Share us with your farming friends and family to earn rewards.

Start earning rewards for your referrals!

You choose how to receive your rewards! Big Cob Hybrids can send your reward amount as a VISA Gift Card or credit the reward amount to your Big Cob purchase/account.

Submit Referrals Today!

Current Big Cob customers can simply follow these steps to submit a qualified referral:



Fill out the referral form by clicking on the “Submit a Referral” button below.


To qualify your referral, we ask that you contact your referral by phone or text and let them know that Big Cob Hybrids will be giving them a call. If your referral does not know we are calling, they will not be considered as a “Qualified Referral” and we will not send your reward!


You are done! Big Cob Hybrids greatly values each referral received from our customers and will be respectful, professional, and polite at all times. Someone from the Big Cob team will call your referral promptly to see how we can bring value to their farming operation.  

Once your referral makes a seed purchase, the referral becomes a “Sold Referral”.

Enter more referrals! There is no limit on the number of referrals you can submit to Big Cob Hybrids. Qualified Referrals exclude individuals who have previously purchased Big Cob Hybrids products in the past.

Referral Form

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