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Seed Spotlight – B6322 Corn Hybrid

40 x 18 x 30 may not be your wife’s dimensions but they are for this centerfold!

It’s not uncommon to have 40 kernels in length on 18 rows at 30K population with B6322.

This 113 day hybrid responds to high management systems in great test weight and deep kernels.

B6322 is available with VTDoublePro®Rib Complete® Corn Blend and has outstanding  fall intactness with excellent stalk and roots. 

    For more information about Big Cob Hybrids’ mission to provide the highest quality seed available and guide farmers towards maximum yields and reduced anxiety at planting time, contact us at sales@bigcob.com or call (402) 641-5014.

    B6322 Ear_BCH Branded



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