While BigCob focuses on providing the best seed selection and crop planning, we invest in development to bring valuable services to our new and existing clients. Additional services such as:

Your Farm University

This crucial first step in our seed placement process is unique to Big Cob Hybrids. Our goal is to improve the accuracy of our seed placement by learning and understanding you and how your farm works.

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During this step, you can expect your Crop Planning Specialist to ask questions about the way you farm, how you like to do business, and what you are expecting from your seed supplier. This simple process allows us to begin formulating your Farm-Fit Plan.

Farm Fit Planning

Farm-Fit Planning allows your Crop Planning Specialist to take the information that you provided in the Your Farm ” U” session and apply it to the industry leading knowledge of Big Cob Hybrids’ seed products to find a best fit hybrid for each unique field and farm you have. During this process, our Crop Planning Specialist will also gather in-depth information on the fields you would like to use Big Cob Hybrids seed on in order to better match our seed to your management practices and field conditions.

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Our Farm-Fit Plan is based largely on setting and achieving realistic yield goals. We believe that we can give our customers a significant yield advantage simply by placing hybrids on the correct acres each and every year.

EZ Plant System

With our EZ Plant System we deliver each pallet or pro box clearly labeled with the field name, hybrid name, and recommended planting population for that specific farm. This information matches information on the Farm Fit Plan so it takes all the guesswork out of planting and allows you to maximize your time and energy during this crucial time of year.

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We also package each pallet or pro box by field as well.

Do you have a field that requires 46 units? If so we package those 46 units in a box just for that farm!

F.R.E.E. to Farm Delivery

Our absolutely FREE delivery service is guaranteed Fast, Right, Easy and Efficient every time. Big Cob Hybrids’ F.R.E.E to Farm delivery service is unbeatable. Don’t mess around waiting on deliveries or driving to your local dealer to pick up seed. You farm, we deliver; it’s that simple.

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In addition to our F.R.E.E. to Farm delivery, we will also package your seed to fit the way you farm. With our EZ Plant System, we ensure that you are getting the right seed on the right acres. Minimum Purchase Required for our EZ Plant System.

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HowTo Out Yield Your Neighbor

HowTo Out Yield Your Neighbor

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