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Let Soyroids™ do the heavy lifting

Give your soybean field the 1-2-3 punch with Soyroids™ Platinum Plus.


With Big Cob’s proprietary seed treatment blend, growers will see:

1.) BIGGER, healthier plants due to Soyroids™ systemic fungicidal activity, providing a healthier root system throughout the growing season.

2.) FASTER emergence by combining industry leading fungicides, insecticides, and growth promoters.

3.) STRONGER plants with better protection against seedling disease with multiple modes of action, warding off see-born and soil-born fungi.

For more information about Big Cob Hybrids’ mission to provide the highest quality seed available and guide farmers towards maximum yields and reduced anxiety at planting time, visit www.bigcob.com or call (402) 641-5014.



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