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The Benefits of Hybrid Placement

By Ben Benson, CEO of Big Cob Hybrids

As a farmer in today’s fast-paced agricultural environment, it is becoming harder and harder to sift through thousands of data points to identify what corn seed hybrid you should plant on your farm.  The task of selecting the correct genetic package and then placing those genetics on your specific farms is also more difficult because the average lifecycle of a modern-day hybrid is approximately three years. This gives you little time to select a quality hybrid that performs successfully for your farm before you have to select another.  The worst part of this problem is that 75% of hybrids will never yield to their full potential because they are planted on the wrong farm.  Making an incorrect decision about hybrid placement can then cost you a substantial amount of money in a short time.

Hybrid selection cannot be done effectively at the farm level without a trusted advisor and here is why:

  • Hybrid lifecycles are too short. This makes it impossible to gather enough information about a hybrid to properly place that hybrid or variety where it is best suited before it is discontinued.
  • Hybrids will react differently to each environment each year, making evaluations based on short term results and limited data points unreliable.
  • There is a high likelihood of throwing out hybrids that would be better in the future due to poor performance in a single year.
  • There are too many traits and technologies for farmers to keep up with. So many options make it difficult to fully understand what you are getting for insect protections and herbicide tolerances in the bag.

In order to properly select hybrids, it is essential that farmers have a trusted advisor to help place products on every acre you plant.

Big Cob Hybrids is the leader in field-by-field hybrid corn seed and soybean seed placement. Big Cob has created a system called Farm-Fit Planning in which field specific data is provided by farmers and then matched with hybrid specific data by a Big Cob Hybrids Farm-Fit Planning Specialist to create a field-by-field planting plan.  Each Farm-Fit Plan is completed in collaboration with you – the farmer – and is provided FREE of charge.

The Big Cob Hybrids’ Farm-Fit Planning system has proven year after year to bring additional profitability to every farmer that participates. On top of increased profitability, farmers who use this corn and soybean seed selection process have confidence that genetic packages, insect resistance packages, and herbicide tolerance packages are sufficient for each farm without overpaying for things that are not needed.

To learn more about Big Cob Hybrids’ Farm-Fit Planning process, and to have a specialist create your customized Farm-Fit Plan FREE of charge,  email us at sales@bigcob.com or call (402) 641-5014



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