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Why Soybean Seed Treatment is SO IMPORTANT!

Soybean seed treatment is one of the easiest ways you can protect your seed investment and have some assurance that the soybeans you planted will be better equipped to handle the conditions that Mother Nature may unleash on your farm this season. One important key to combatting the early planting soil conditions is using high quality soybean seed from Big Cob Hybrids.

Soybean seed treatment can benefit seeds that are planted early in cool, wet soils as well as those areas of your farms that have drainage issues. These factors can lead to slow germination of seeds as well as becoming susceptible to disease and insect pressure which can produce an uneven stand. Soybean seed treatment will help your stand be more uniform as well as helping it have higher yields since it had protection from the day it was planted.

The type of soybean seed treatment that is applied to your soybean seeds prior to planting is a very important factor as it ensures you have the necessary modes of action for each acre. Big Cob Hybrids offers a proprietary soybean seed treatment that we have developed after using different formulations in the industry that we felt fell short of our expectations. By developing our own treatment – called SoyRoids – we are able to offer our customers better soybean seed protection by going above and beyond what most treatments in the seed industry offer.

SoyRoids contains an insecticide, multiple fungicides with spiked rates, inoculant, and a growth promoter within the SoyRoids Platinum Plus® package.

  • SoyRoids’ insecticide component protects against early season seedling pests such as seed corn maggot, wireworms, white grubs, aphids, bean leaf beetle, black cutworm, chinch bugs, flea beetle, grape colaspis, leafhoppers, and thrips.
  • The fungicide package is the best in the industry offering multiple modes of systemic action against soil born fungi. It inhibits fungal growth and prevents spore production to protect developing seedlings from general seed rots and diseases. One fungicide in particular provides a high level of protection against Pythium – your biggest early-season concern.
  • The inoculant we use provides more active bacteria to the seed, maximizing nodulation and nutrient availability, because without ample bacteria present in the soil, nitrogen fixation reduces and ultimately lowers the yield potential.
  • The growth promoter contributes to the performance of the system by colonizing in the plant and contributing to complex reactions within the plant rhizosphere which promotes plant growth and higher yields.

It’s not too late to apply seed treatment! Get the ultimate boost in your soybean yields by using SoyRoids Platinum Plus® for bigger, healthier plants and root systems, faster emergence, and stronger plants with better modes of protection against disease and fungi.

Talk to your Big Cob rep about which level of SoyRoids protection is right for you. Call (402) 641-5014.



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